About Felicia Lauw,
Executive Coach (ICF PCC)

Felicia is a PCC with more than 2500 hours of coaching hours. Also fondly known by her Chinese clients and students as Ming, she has 25 years of management consulting and operations experience behind her 8 years of executive coaching. Felicia is one of the founding members of the Chinese Coach training program with International Coach Academy and is now a Training Director, faculty and coach mentor and supervisor with ICA. She is also a faculty on the Coaching Supervision Academy AP Program.

Felicia is fluent in English, Chinese and Cantonese and coaches, mentors and supervises professional coaches and corporate clients in these languages.

Felicia is an Executive Coach, registered mentor with ICF, coach supervisor, trainer, facilitator and consultant who works with individuals and teams to discover tools and techniques to stay motivated and energized. She has a passion to help individuals on personal leadership, which is to be able to think and act in alignment with one’s core values in any situations.

Felicia enjoys all forms of constructive people interactions and working in a team towards focused achievement of goals. She believes that transformative coaching is the core in shifting people’s consciousness and leads to a possibility to re-decide the choices (conscious or unconscious) they have made thus far in their lives. This change will directly impact their clients, their team, their families and the social fabrics that they can influence.

Felicia has over 20 years of management consulting and corporate management experience. She has held senior management positions in the vocations listed below. She has had the opportunity to travel and work on extremely challenging transformation projects often involving human behavioral change, and often in a global and multi-cultural environment. She has worked as a program and project manager in the United States, France, South Korea, China and South East Asia where she worked alongside and engaged local senior executives in these global teams.

Felicia was living as an expatriate in Shanghai and Hong Kong for 6 years and now has moved back to Singapore. She is fluent in English, Chinese and Cantonese.

Felicia Lauw

My personal experience with my supervisor has helped me to embrace both my light and shadows as a practitioner and as a human being, like the sun and moon they both exists to balance our lives.

Felicia Lauw Ming Supervision

Work with a Coach Supervisor and Take Your
Coaching to The Next Level

  • Reflect

    Reflect and Pause and take in the beauty of your competencies

  • Be Challenged

    Be gently challenged to reach for the next height of your presence

  • Feel Supported

    Grow your confidence and development through support


Being a coach is like sitting in a canoe alone, surrounded by a huge ocean and a great amount of opportunities around you. The opportunities seem to be the fun part but the ocean can get dark and it has storms sometimes. Looking back to my five year of coaching journey, Felicia seems to be my only supervise coach. I started official supervise coaching with Felicia since mid 2013. Sitting in the canoe can get very lonely, lost, unsure, insecure and scary. I have all these feelings. The most common one is "Am I doing the right thing to the client? If yes, then why I feel stuck?"

Felicia has not only provided warm company, vast compassion, but also helped me reveal the stuck part. Most of the time, coaches will carry their own world, their own assumptions in coaching others. Felicia helped me to see all these assumptions that has been limiting me and my coaching.

"In coaching, we are a competent development partner for our clients. We create intimate conversation with our clients, in which our presence and our coaching moves reveal a new world and energize new actions and self-generation.

To do this, we must be constantly engaged in our own learning. We work with teachers and coaches who can help us by revealing our own learning edge. We experientially develop mastery in the territory development. (Doug Silsbee, Presence-Based Coaching).

Felicia, is that "teacher" who helps me reveal my own learning edge so that I can help my clients better. Thank Felicia for all the wonderful sessions in the past.

I will continue my learning journey with Felicia Lauw.

Kelly Ke, PCC Kelly Ke, PCC
Leadership Coach

I want to take the opportunity to thank you for the great sessions we had.  Every session has a strong impact on me, there are blind spots, unintended cues that I may have missed while with my team and you helped me reflect the possible situations.  Although I had always thought I had good self awareness, but this further enhances areas that I missed and I need to improve.

OCM, Country Manager
A Global FMCG Company

I am really happy to let you know we did finally go live (implementation of a project) in India. Thank you for your help and support through the past years – I recently won the ‘global IS leader of the year’ award and I want to thank you for helping me grow as a leader so I could be considered for this award even…

O.W., Program Director of Transformation Projects
A Global Snacking Company

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