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This case study is a reflection of my learning journey as a coach supervisor in a group supervision setting. The first enquiry I asked myself is “Is this Mentor Coaching or Supervision?

In choosing to use my Supervised Coaching work at International Coach Academy, I enquired whether what I was doing was Mentor Coaching or Coaching Supervision. One of the purposes of the group was to fulfil their graduation criteria in becoming an ICF ACTP certified coaches. Whilst I listened to their live laser coaching, I assumed the role of an assessor, a mentor, a supervisor and a group facilitator. Some of the coaches in the group were already practicing coaches whilst some are new to the industry. At ICA, we meet our students where they are at and endeavor to up their mastery and game through the process. After discussing this with my CSA tutor, I am confident that what I am doing is coaching supervision since coaching supervision includes mentoring and more. More importantly, I would like to use this context to demonstrate the CSA Full Spectrum Model’s four main cornerstones; Contracting, Relational Presence, Models and Energy Management (FSS, Murdoch & Arnold 2013), in particular what I am learning and putting into practice after the CSA journey.

“As we become empty [of our everyday concerns and obsessions] we are able to show up to life. To show up is to be present without pre-determined ideas and judgments. This is both simple and rigorous. We do this challenging work of ‘clearing our mirror’ not in a monastery or in a hidden cave but in [the hurly-burly of] everyday life … There is no
distant realm to be reached after lifetimes of striving; no journey from here to there.

What the Sufi seeks is the only and always just here, just now … And yet, there is road to be travelled”


(Amidon 2006) , Hawkins & Smith, 2013 Page 298

Group supervision: The advantage of this form of supervision is that the supervise gets the benefit of feedback from peers as well as learning from the variety of work that is presented by others in the group. (Carroll & Gilbert 2011, Page 25)"

"Coaching supervision is the interaction that occurs when a coach periodically brings his or her coaching work experiences to a coaching supervisor in order to engage in reflective dialogue and collaborative learning for the development and benefits of the coach and his or her clients …” (Murdoch, ICF Webarchive, 2012)"

“Mentor Coaching focuses on the development of coaching skills mainly in the context of initial development.”

Murdoch, , ICF Webarchive, 2012

Setting the Context

I supervised a group of Chinese speaking coaches (in Chinese) as part of the Certified Professional Coach course for ICA. The group meets twice a week for six weeks in a private teleconference forum and there were 6 supervisees in my group. Each supervisee was responsible for inviting a client into the call and the supervisee will conduct a 15 minutes laser coaching session. Once the coaching session completed, the client would leave the call and feedback for the coach will be carried out amongst the group in a safe environment for learning.

** With the decision to look at the group supervision from the lenses of the CSA’s four cornerstones, the case will not be presented in a chronological fashion; rather, specific interactions will be picked to highlight my learning.

** Whilst I have made my best endeavor to showcase scenarios under the CSA’s four cornerstones, as we all appreciate, life is never so clean cut and supervision happens as the “Magic in between” (Voldtofte, 2005). The scenarios under each cornerstone are picked to highlight my own learning and there will be times when you may see slight demonstrations/mention of different cornerstones under a heading.

** For purposes of confidentiality, all names have been changed.

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    DOWNLOAD the Group Supervision Case Study

    This case study is a reflection of my learning journey as a coach supervisor in a group
    supervision setting. The first enquiry I asked myself is “Is this Mentor Coaching or
    Supervision? - Felicia Lauw @ MingSupervision

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