How to Train Focus?

I was waiting for Joy to get off school one day and stood outside the soccer field to watch the soccer match between 2 primary school teams. The security guard kindly came to me and said that if I wanted to watch I had to watch it inside so that I will not distract the kids from playing their game. Since Joy was due out any moment, I decided to wait in the car.

This started me thinking, our children are taught to concentrate in an environment that has been artificially cleared of distraction.

Hmm, how effective can that be? We all know that in real life, even at professional games, you still get the occasional rowdy crowd or over zealous supporters. How can they play their best games if they are not trained to be in the moment, i.e. to focus on the game and ignore all environmental factors. Granted, it was just a neighbourhood schools friendly match, but I am curious how we train our young these days to focus?

By being over protective and wanted to give them the best environment and best resources, we rob them of the ability to be flexible and having a sense of survival instinct.

Focus is about having a clear goal and making a conscious decision to do something regardless of the environment and resources that one has.

How are we training ourselves and our children focus these days? I am indeed curious.