Internal Supervisors for Leaders

My client told me that the 47minutes we spent today was the most impactful conversation she has had for the last few weeks. She wondered how she could do the same level of reflection before action without me. To me what she is really asking for is how can I help her to build her internal supervisor.

Whilst coaching is great to help leaders to shift from point A to B, the greater impact we have on our leaders coaching practitioners is when we can help them build not only self awareness but waking their internal supervisors to help them inquire about their experience and analyse the root cause in a holistic way. The way we analyse a root cause today is by looking at all the cognitive side of things and neglect the inner wisdom that one has. When we have a strong inner supervisor, we are able to hold our judgments about ourselves and the world around us, and really become curious and wonder what is underneath what is being presented to us.

‘The success of an intervention depends on the inner condition of the intervener.’ Peter Senge.

“The term ‘Internal Supervisor’ was coined by Patrick Casement to describe perspectives and insights that are available to practitioners as they work with clients. In essence, it is tuning into the entire range of body/mind information offering cognitive, intuitive, somatic information.

Paying attention to the Internal Supervisor provides important data, so coaches can then choose interventions that are genuinely laser-like and perfectly timed. This range of information about the coaching situation becomes available to the coach’s analytical/processing mind, which in turn decides interventions and strategies. With a well-developed Internal Supervisor, comes a major increase in Coaching Presence and powerful, impactful coaching.”