Not Sick but also Not Happy

I read on the HK papers today that 3 in 5 white-collar workers in HK are not sick but they also not happy. This is interesting for me as I started to live in HK about 1 month ago and many wonderful things about HK struck me. The spectacular ocean views, hilly mountains, skyscrapers and the energy of the city.

As I looked beneath the surface of the many splendoured elements of HK, I became aware of the language that people use everyday. There seems to be a lot of negative energy going on… in fact, when I discussed this with friends, I find that this is very much the HK culture. To improve everday, to seek greater wealth and proserity everyday, to excel everyday is the goal of every HK person. Whilst the learning and development tone of the energy is excellent, the undertone is that the individual is insecure and needs to look outside to prove oneself. For example, carrying the latest branded handbags for ladies, driving the latest, trendiest car, giving branded education to one’s children etc.

With inflation and economy slow downs, the pressure from both the internal and external is compressing the individual. Unhappiness or stress is formed usually because one is not able to accept what is.

According to Eckhart Tolle, if one is able to focus on this very present moment and be grateful that all there is in our lives, there will be no unhappiness or stress.