Mentoring & Supervision for Coaches, Consultants and Leaders

Felicia Lauw, PCC

Ming Supervision aims to support coaching practitioners who are supporting other people's development by embracing both their strengths and edges. I am a founding member of the Chinese program at International Coach Academy and specialises in Coach Mentoring and Supervision. I have been supervising coaches for the last 5 years. Work with me to review your practice in order to raise self-awareness and hence your competence.

Work with a Coach Supervisor and Take Your
Coaching to The Next Level

  • Reflect

    Reflect on your practice to deliver your coaching with competence and ethics.

  • Grow

    Develop skills, theoretical knowledge, personal attributes, self awareness to become increasingly competent.

  • Restore

    Get support from me when you experience doubts and insecurities in your coaching practice.

If you are thinking about how that session with a client just went? If there was something you could do.

As a practicing executive coach and consultant, there are times when I complete a session and felt a different range of feelings, from happy, satisfied to contemplative, worried and sometimes downright perplexed! Imagine if you can bring these feelings and enquiries to a warm, caring and pragmatic seasoned practitioner who is able to sit with you and have a super vision of not just what happened in a session with a client but more importantly a super vision of how you can show up as a further developed practitioner

About Felicia Lauw, Executive Coach (ICF PCC)

FL1Felicia is a PCC with close to 2000 coaching hours. Also fondly known by her Chinese clients and students as Ming, she has 25 years of management consulting and operations experience behind her 8 years of executive coaching. Felicia is one of the founding members of the Chinese Coach training program with International Coach Academy and is now a faculty and coach mentor and supervisor with ICA. Felicia works in English, Chinese and Cantonese and coaches, mentors and supervises professional coaches and corporate clients. Read More About Felicia

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